Welcome me to the big world of social media

Hello potential fans,

I have been wanting to boost my music career for a while now but not being able to find enough committed members to play a lot I have been attempting to make a presence online. Unfortunately I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. So last night my beautiful friend Jacky came over and got me set up. After I couple hours of watching her do her thing while my brain exploded, I am now set up with my very own website/blog and twitter account that should work nicely along my already existing youtube and facebook pages. Only down side is now that I have finally decided on a project name I can’t change my fb to match it because apparently I have “too many fans”. Oh the downside to being liked. teehee. Best down side EVER!

So if you happen to stumble across my blog and want to check out my other social media sites






Tata for now

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