Social Media puts me in my place

So as I stated in my first blog, I am trying my darndest to enter the world of Social Media, 0000000000. I now am on youtube, facebook, twitter, wordpress, soundcloud, reverbnation and instagram. I used to think I was technologically challenged and then started gaining some confidence with this social media stuff, but now I am realizing that I need a lot of work still.

I have been slowly gaining web presence but felt like I was really in the now when I joined twitter. My first week of twitter made me feel like a crazy failure. I was on twitter for less than a week before I was suspended. I was so confused as I had only made like 12 tweets and I couldn’t imagine what I had done so terrible. Apparently I had been following someone too “aggressively” and they marked me as spam? I sent 2 tweets tops to anyone. Eventually I think I figured it could have had something to do with the sudden influx in spam related followers I had and couldn’t figure out how to block them. But man, twitter can really smash down your confidence.

My newest challenge is instagram now. I just joined yesterday so hopefully I figure it out soon. I am always looking at other peoples instagrams and wondering how they make all the cool collages and stuff. So, I googled it and discovered that instagram is a very in depth program with tonnes of apps. If anyone could tell me which apps are worth getting that would be great.

That’s pretty much it for me for now. I am going to be a hermit now and try to figure out this Social Medialand.

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