Shootin’ Live

Yesterday was a fun day! First of all I got to see my baby. We had our second ultrasound and this was the big one with the whole medical checkup and measuring of the baby. So Effing Crazy! It looked like a human this time which was pretty awesome. It was really nuts seeing it moving in real time. OOOOO exciting stuff!

But I’m not here to talk about my baby. I am here for the music!

My friend Adam and I took a trip to the beach, more specifically Spanish Banks, to do a video shoot. We were hoping the weather would be sunny and hot like on Thursday but we got grey and windy instead. Good ‘ol Vancouver. At least it was warm if you weren’t in the wind. But we chose to shoot the first song in the wind anyways cause we’re awesome. I’m nervous and excited about the first song. It is an original about prostitutes in the DTES and it’s called “Pretty Woman”. I named it after the ridiculous movie and use it as an example of what being a “street walker” is NOT like. It was emotional for me to write and the reactions towards it have been confusing to me. My friend who was filming said it was horrific. aAHAHA. I hope that’s a good horrific. Is there such thing as a good horrific?

The second song is a cover that people will recognize. I think I’ll leave that one a mystery for people to discover when I post it. Although if you’ve ever seen me play live you will probably have an idea of which song I chose as there are only a few covers I really like to perform at shows.

Hopefully they will be out soon and I will post them all over the place so if you follow me in any capacity you will seeeee them.

In the mean time I’m going to be immersed in articles and documentaries about residential school survivors and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. I also have a song written about that sunny subject that will hopefully be out soon.

I am such a sunny person sometimes!

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