Friends in the Biz

The more I get out and play music, the more people I meet with similar interests. This is a wonderful wonderful thing. I love meeting/collaborating with other musicians and artists. This is what I would love to be doing every day, well and still leave some time for music therapy.

There have been a few events in the last few weeks that have just gotten me absolutely pumped about music.

The first that I am very excited about was my last show at SNAG. Through my connection with the lovely Drew Young I was able to book a show. This has got to be my favourite performance to date. It was all my original music and for the first time ever I had a band backing me up. My darling bf played guitar and percussion for me while a couple of my favourite singers in the city did backing vocals and added some instrumentation including trumpet, violin and more percussion. I have seriously been waiting a couple years to be able to play with these too talented ladies. I met Emma in music school and she plays trumpet, violin and is an incredible jazz vocalist. Elyse is also from music school and plays piano and sings like a freaking angel. When we played together at the Cobalt I thought I could explode from happiness. Our voices blended gorgeously, and there is nothing quite like playing with people who’s musical instincts you completely respect. I cannot wait to play again but now I have to book a show. Boooo.

Now those of you who have been following me know that I have been playing in Jess Cullen’s band. I couldn’t be luckier to be playing with such a talented and thoughtful person. I was a little afraid that me trying to do my own project might clash with my work in the band but it has not been a problem. The reason it has not been is because Jess is so stinkin’ supportive. She has been so encouraging of my music and even got me a wonderful opportunity to do a small project with Vogville Recording to be shown on tv and the internet. She didn’t have to include me but did because she is awesome and has some awesome connections that she is not afraid to share. The result of this project is posted in the video section of my website.

I have just been so happy with all the talented and wonderful people I have met and worked with this year and can’t wait to do more. Hopefully having a baby won’t interfere too much, but hey if it does I get to have a BABY! AHAHAHA!

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