The Good Kind of Itch

I was recently in Dawson Creek introducing my bambino to my family and while I was up there I got the amazing opportunity to watch the Dixie Chicks play. It was an INCREDIBLE concert. Those girls have mind blowing talent and presence. I cried, I cheered, I screamed, I was over the moon with excitement. Seeing such a big band in a smaller venue like that really made the experience quite special.

Some of the reasons are as follows: Every seat is a good seat, the sound was great without blasting my ear drums, and my favourite thing about the smaller venue was that I was able to spy on the crowd easily. I was filled with joy as I watched the crowd. It may be my postpartum hormones but seeing the excitement in the crowd really made me want to explode.

I kept thinking about just how much music moves people. Even songs that we write that are very personal to us can still resonate in a major way with complete strangers. It must be amazing to be the Dixie Chicks and have a stadium of people sing along with so much freaking passion. When they started “Not ready to make nice” the crowd went crazy. We all sang along and there were plenty of us crying along.

This experience really made me miss playing in a major way. I miss the rush of being on stage. I miss the excitement of seeing the crowd get into the music I am playing. And I really miss the camaraderie of making awesome music with awesome people.

I think this means I have got the Itch to make music again. I feel like I NEED to be creating with my super talented friends and sharing it with the rest of the world. Ok, so now I just have to make it happen. Hopefully my bambino understands and cooperates.



So, after writing this blog I looked up “Shut up and Sing”, the documentary about the Dixie Chicks and that stupid controversy over them not supporting the Iraq war. Now I am even more inspired by them. They are freaking tough chicks! I am so glad that Canada has treated them well and I got to see them up in North East BC. Unbelievable! I love musicians with passion! 

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