Looking for a New Band Mate

In the spring we recorded out first EP. A lot has happened since then.
Our violinist/trumpet player/vocalist, Emma, left the band to pursue her own musical project. We miss her but are pumped for her because she is super amazing.
I had a baby, Monica played in theatre under the stars all summer and Lee and Terrence have been working on other music projects.
Now we are ready to get things going again and are looking to replace Emma somehow. We are going to be taking our music in a different direction with Lee on Synth now so we will not be looking for a violinist/trumpet player/vocalist.
Instead we are looking for a guitar player who is comfortable with acoustic and electric playing. This person should also be able to hold their own as a vocalist. Nothing too fancy, just holding a harmony line in the back ground. If you can do more that’s great too.
If you want to know more about us feel free to send me an email. I will be leaving a link to our album teaser below so you can get an idea of what we sound like now.
Looking forward to hearing from you 😉

3 responses to “Looking for a New Band Mate

    • I love the stuff on your instagram! We would love for you to come check out a rehearsal. We won’t be rehearsing until September though. What’s your availability like? Maybe I could send you a couple of songs to learn?

  1. While I’m not sure I’d be able to fill in that spot as I’m on the opposite side of the continent I’d love to open up the possibility of collaborating to some degree. I’m currently residing in New York City and may be able to compliment your band. I have samples of acoustic (https://tomarthesearts.bandcamp.com/track/hand-over-mouth) and Electric (https://tomarthesearts.bandcamp.com/track/verse-one) music. In addition to playing guitar I’m also capable of playing the Ukulele, and I’m familiar with keyboard, bass, and drums.

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