Tatters & Ravens is the musical child of Tatyana Dobrowolski. It is a progressive folk pop project that was created with the belief that music has the power to heal and to plant the seeds for social change. Being sex-positive, feminist, and at times a little quirky, Tatters delivers songs themed on issues like colonization, environmental activism and, well…zombies.

dsc_8058Tatyana punctuates her songs with irresistible sweeps of emotion. Her sound, while unmistakably contemporary, reveals generations of influences–the delicacy of Joni Mitchell, the passion of Alanis Morissette, and the sensuality of Fiona Apple. The variety in Dobrowolski’s voice invites a variety of feels, from sexy Latin rhythms to indie quirkiness to epic power ballads and more. The backdrop to Tatyana’s lyrical storytelling is a range of harmonies, layered vocals, and an eclectic mix of musical instruments – some conventional and some less so.

 With a touch of choreography thrown in to her live performances, Tatters & Ravens’ shows have been known to make people laugh, cry and even get a little turned on.

Keep visiting  www.tattersandravens.com if you don’t want to miss out on the journey.


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